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User Settings and Preference Persistence Without Roaming Profiles


End corrupted user profiles, roaming profile problems, Terminal Server and Citrix logon problems. Retain system security and stability. Maintain administrative control over your Terminal Server environment. Lessen the time you spend on lengthy and frustrating support calls by keeping users satisfied with a stable desktop environment while providing a continuously fast database connection.

Use Simplify Profiles.

triCerat has the remote user management software that provides the crucial middle ground between profile security, system manageability, and a predictable user workspace that can be saved from one session to the next.

Eliminate the Terminal Server logon problems caused by stubborn roaming profiles by implementing a program that gives you the best of both worlds: mandatory profiles that allow users to customize and save their business workstation as if they were using roaming profiles, without the hassle.

Simplify Profiles allows you to set and maintain the application details that users need to efficiently work throughout the day, enabling you to control, manage, and protect your registry settings and user profiles with ease. Control all application registry entries at logon and logoff using a single, point and click control console.

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