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 Seamless virtual desktop and application delivery

  • Delivers virtual desktops & applications to any mobile & desktop device.
  • Cloud-enables virtual desktops & applications through Parallels Cloud Portal.
  • Supports all major hypervisors from Microsoft, VMware, Citrix and more.
  • Integrates powerful universal printing & scanning functionality.
  • Supports thin clients (HP, Wyse, 10ZiG) & the device-independent.
  • High-capacity, resource-based load balancing and management features.

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Parallels Remote Application Server: Provide Seamless Virtual Desktops, Applications, and Files 

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Remote Application Server


Brilliant mobile experience

Provide your employees with access to desktop applications as if they were native applications on iOS and Android devices. With Parallels unique ApplificationTM technology, employees can use the native touch gestures of mobile devices—swipe, drag, tap to click or zoom—to interact with any remote Windows application on both smartphones and tablets, making them productive on the go.


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