Usługi Informatyczne


Monitoring: Displaying the status information.

Through the permanent monitoring of the print servers by steadyPRINT, you are always up to date and can
become active in the case of possible errors, or problems.

Via the symbolic presentation in red (error) and orange (warning), as well as the display of the latest
status information of printers in the steadyPRINT Center and steadyPRINT Agent, administrators and
users can immediately recognize problems in the printing environment.



Monitoring: Dashboard & Filter selection.

1. At the dashboard overview you see all errors and warnings of all printers and print server at a glance.
You can choose between different views,  e.g. tile, or detailed view.

2. By a detailed filter selection for errors and warnings you can delimit troubleshooting and design it
more effectively.

With this, you can keep an overall overview even in huge printing environments with a lot of printers.