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TSX Gateway is heavily secured remote connection solution. The RDP connection is transported via HTTPS established channel and every. Through usage of this traffic rediraction it is possible to create secure VPN from client to the TSX Gateway and than back to the desired RDP server.

The remote server can be any PC.




multiple connection:

  • Thinstuff XP/VS Server
  • Microsoft Remote Desktop Session Host (RDSH/Terminal Server)

single RDP connection:

  • Thinstuff Remote Desktop Virtualisation Host (RDVH)
  • Thinstuff Remote Desktop Host (RDH)
  • Microsoft Remote Desktop Virtualization Host (RDVH)



  • Compatible with Microsoft TS Gatewayem
  • Not limited to Microsoft solutions – works with any server or client operating system
  • Compatible with every RDP protocol (version 6 or latest)
  • Two step authentication (TSX Gateway and Host RDP)
  • Possibility of SSO authentication to both steps (single login)
  • Fully compliant with Microsoft Active Directory
  • Secure RDP connection - ciphered through usage of HTTPS (port 443)
  • Extensive capabilities of security for outside world protection
  • Built in connection monitoring and maintenance tools - TSX Gateway Manager
  • Extemsive loging mechanisms
  • Unlimited number of users


The set of policies setting the user perimisions for TSX Gateway:

CAP: Connection Authorization Policies

  • Definition of a group or single resources (user or station) priviliged for TSX Gatewayem connections
  • Access controll on per user basis

RAPs: Resource Authorization Policies

  • Definition of a group ro a single resource (user or station) priviliged for chosen RDP connection
  • Acccess controll on per port basis (e.g 3389)

Event tracking

  • connections from RDP hosts and from TSX Gateway
  • authentication from RDP hosts and TSX Gateway


RDP version 6.0 or higher

Supported opperating systems

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
  • Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2008 R2, 2012


  • SSL Certificat of trust of both client and server
  • Complient with (CN) DNS certificate for RDP and TSX Gateway connection initialization

Simplify Visibility - Server Performance Monitoring Tool


Insight Into System Performance with Intuitive Reporting and Monitoring

The ability to keep a careful watch on your server farm from a central console, maintain a record of essential statistics, and report as necessary on any actions deemed important, makes the difference between a tightly run computing environment and a business whose server farm is riddled with problems.

Cover your bases.

Action and Interaction. Intelligence.

Simplify Visibility is a set of tools built into the Simplify Suite to assist in monitoring, auditing, and reporting on what's happening in your server farm.

Visibility provides real-time monitoring of information logged only moments prior. This feature may prove vital in the event that a machine momentarily misbehaves with problematic aftereffects or if management wishes to review reports on current server CPU and memory usage. You can even monitor processes on a per session basis for Terminal Servers.

In addition, Visibility reports to key personnel and provides your support personnel with the information they need to troubleshoot user issues quickly and succinctly.

Simplify Monitoring, Auditing, and Reporting

Want a visual representation of the statistics being monitored? With Visibility you can view text and graphs displaying the vital statistics being collected across your server farm from your desktop, consolidating and simplifying your workload. You can even give other administrators access for active monitoring throughout the day.

The reporting tool allows you to save reports in a database and retrieve data up to a year later, making annual analyses a breeze. You can generate reports on statistical data from a webpage, giving you the power to access the health of your farm from anywhere in the world, even from portable devices such as the iPhone and Blackberry, using a standard IIS ASP.NET website.

The possibilities offer a innovative ways to better maintain your business's computing environment.


Server Monitoring Software


The Ultimate Printing Solution with Support for Windows Print Servers

Can you be confident that a print job in your network will be delivered to the correct print location quickly and without risk of a system crash? How do you approach an incompatible print driver in your network? What do you do when a user wants to print remotely from an unrecognized printer or print driver?


If you throw yourself into the process of script writing just to accept a single remote printer, there is a more precise, reliable, and less time consuming alternative.

Well-suited for thin client printing, the Simplify Printing Bundle is a Terminal Services printing solution that enhances triCerat's ScrewDrivers proven print technology by allowing you to mirror print drivers from the network print server directly to a Terminal Server, bypassing the user's end point entirely. Simplify Printing is print server software that provides a MSDE/SQL database and Simplify Console in which to manage your print configurations. This allows you to assign print jobs on a granular level based on users, workstations, and groups, integrating with the Windows' Active Directory for centralized access control.

Simplify Printing also enables you to manage and map native manufacturer's printer drivers, increasing the flexibility of system administrators with such requirements. In addition, there is no client-side print delay as all spooling takes place between Terminal Server and print server which reduces end user print backup.

Want to see how it works for yourself? Set up a free online demo today.

Simplify Printing - Download Now