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Screwdrivers - Remote Desktop Printing Solution


Never install another printer driver on your server again!


Provide superior document handling and driverless print performance for your business with triCerat's ScrewDrivers remote desktop printing solution. Bring an end to the hassle and aggravation of managing print drivers. Simplify remote desktop printing and prevent the printing problems that too often lead to increased support costs and the unnecessary consumption of time and effort due to large, burdensome native print drivers.

Invest in the standalone print management solution that will eliminate user frustration and loss of work hours when all print jobs come to a halt.

ScrewDrivers is engineered for remote corporate Windows application delivery environments. Whether you're using Terminal Services, virtualized desktops, or XP Remote Desktop and Vista Remote Desktop, ScrewDrivers ensures the user that the correct printer and printer attributes are ready to handle complex remote printing requests. ScrewDrivers simplifies remote desktop printing in every sense.

Some business printing solutions try to slide by, imitating a lowest-common denominator printer driver. Other solutions use programs that result in an overly complicated management system that confuse rather than clarify remote printing to the user. Along with these complexities, these other print solutions sometimes use various formats such as EMF or PDF to achieve printing. ScrewDrivers can overcome the printing limitations of these other solutions regardless of the application or printer driver.

ScrewDrivers is such a simple plug n' play solution, you can install it and forget that printer problems ever existed. With configuration and management this simple, you can provide users with problem-free remote desktop printing from any application to any printer, using any printer setting, all while going about your day or doing nothing at all.

Windows 7 Server





Supported Environments:
Microsoft Windows Terminal Services in Windows Server 2000, 2003, 2008
Microsoft Remote Desktop Services in Windows Server 2008R2
Microsoft Remote Desktop in Windows XP, Vista, 7
Citrix XenApp, Presentation Server, and Metaframe


Remote Desktop Printing Solution

RDP Plugin - Data Sheet


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Need to print to XP or Vista Workstation? You need ScrewDrivers for Workstations!



In addition to ScrewDrivers, our driverless remote desktop printing tool, triCerat offers an impressive suite of desktop management and print management solutions. Check out our product line to learn more.

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Application Access Control Center

Vulnerability can be defined in the computer world as a weakness in process, administration, or technology that can be exploited to compromise IT security.

Downtime caused by security vulnerabilities has grown from five percent in 2004 to 15 percent in 2008. Overcoming such percentages means containing users to only the applications they need in order to fulfill their work obligations.

Don't become a statistic.

Minimize the frustration of dealing with corrupted applications, crashed servers, and irate users. Aid in helping your organization become and remain compliant with security policies while maintaining Terminal Server security by having a list of known and trusted applications stored in a database.

Simplify Lockdown offers peace of mind by providing easy configuration and the ability to monitor and maintain any controlled application accessible by remote desktops with superior security.

Lockdown gives you real-time application control and monitoring ability to avoid the execution of unauthorized applications, malware, viruses, worms, and spyware and has the capability to maintain application security by recognizing and stopping an executable located in multiple locations as well as an unauthorized executable renamed to mimic an accepted executable.

Replace the intricate, and sometimes limiting, toe-tapping scripting process with a configuration tool that enables you to prevent unauthorized users from running any specific application. It's up to you create a server lockdown system that runs only what you want it to on your system.

triCerat's approach to software problems is to resolve them before they begin. Download your free trial software now!

Desktop & Workstation Security Lockdown Software


Simplify Suite - Workstation Management Tool


All Encompassing System Protection and Predictability

For system administrators who demand a better way of handling all aspects of the user environment, triCerat has the ultimate solution.

Whether your primary goal is to effectively manage and control your user workstation environment or provide superior user personalization, Simplify Suite has something to offer everyone.

Simplify Suite provides the ability to reliably deploy desktops, control application access, help enforce company policies, reduce logon times, manage personalization for large numbers of virtual desktops, and deliver the correct profile information to the right user at every logon session from any location. Simplify Suite also has the flexibility to give users a highly customized and predictable desktop environment, which in turn increases work productivity and overall satisfaction.

triCerat's all encompassing user environment management system gives you the technology to run an efficient, seamless business operation.

The Simplify Suite utilizes a database that can be created and controlled from any machine or location. The Simplify Console offers an all-in-one interface that allows you to streamline, automate, and optimize the more challenging aspects of Terminal Services, virtual desktop, and workstation configuration: profiles, resource management, printing, and user environments.

This complete user management tool incorporates a software framework that extends and enhances Windows 2000, 2003, and 2008 Server operating systems which boosts Windows Terminal Server performance, Citrix XenApp reliability and security, as well as supporting VMware virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and Windows workstations.

Simplify Suite provides system administrators with increased server predictability, system performance, and security with the benefits of lowered support and hardware costs.

Download a free demo and find out more about triCerat's other user environment management solutions.


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